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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I Love to Watch: Reality Show Obsessions

I'm kicking myself for missing the episode of Trading Spouses that featured the crazy lady. I saw the commercials and part of the first episode but missed the crazy parts in the second episode. I like crazy. It adds a certain...something to the whole reality show experience. People just going nuts in front of the camera. It should be a staple of all reality shows.

One show I'm starting to enjoy is ABC's Supernanny. It goes against the grain of what I normally enjoy as it lacks the elements of humiliation that I enjoy so much in other reality shows. But darn it all if I'm not enjoying it. "Supernanny" Jo Frost visits a family in need of some guidance on how to deal with their children, and Jo comes in and whips everyone into shape and before you know it, BAM! Every single problem is solved. Well, not every problem. But some of them. I suppose if I want humiliation I can tune in to Fox's Nanny 9/11. It's Fox, there has to be some humiliation involved.

Been keeping up with both versions of The Apprentice? It's been drowsy good fun, hasn't it? On Donald's show this week the teams had to come up with a display promoting Star Wars products, and on Martha's show the teams had to sell something on QVC. Haven't we been in this neighborhood before? How many weeks are left before it's all over? Not soon enough. And more bad news: the next series of The Apprentice is currently being filmed. Let's hope series 5 is more interesting than the current series has been.

Next week I'll try to force myself to watch reality shows on CBS. Ugh


Blogger Colin Brooks said...

I found the video of the crazy woman on another blog. I thought you'd want to see it over and over again so here it is:


She's one of those people that really need to be put down. The world would be better without her!


8:46 PM  
Blogger Christopher Trottier said...

The sad part about the crazy lady is that I know people like that.

5:39 PM  

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