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Friday, October 07, 2005

I Heart Court Shows

Some people are embarrassed to admit to watching lots of television. I'm not one of those people. I like television. And I watch it all the time. Enjoying the great outdoors? Not going to happen. Communing with nature? Only if nature is displayed on a large-screen plasma HDTV. Water sports? Nope. Replace my pasty complextion with the bronzing rays of the sun? Not going to happen.

Now, I'm a big fan of reality shows, and I've posted on that topic before. What I really love the most are the court shows. There are so many of them! Good grief, sometimes I wonder how I can muster the energy to leave my home in order to attend classes at college.

Back in the day you could turn on the TV at 7:00 a.m. and watch court shows until late in the afternoon. That's not the case so much anymore, and in reality I only watch one court show, Judge Judy, with any regularity. But I've seen a few minutes of some of the other shows out there, and I thought I'd share my observations with you, dear reader.

Judge Alex
Zzzz....huh? Whazzat? Oh, yeah, Judge Alex. New court show. BORING. Judge Alex Ferrer lacks in that most important of television traits, charisma. Presence. Maybe he'll get better with time. Probably not.

Eye for an Eye with Judge "Extreme" Akim
Hosted by OJ's former houseguest - Kato Kaelin, Eye for an Eye is a bizarre entry into the court TV genre. Judge Akim "Extreme" Anastopoulo wields the mighty baseball bat of justice as he tries cases to what appears to be Jerry Springer's studio audience. Litigants and defendants appear in...cages, and after hearing the case, Judge Extreme Akim yields judgments in an "eye for an eye" manner. What does that mean, exactly? Well, in the episode I saw today, some little people had a lawsuit related to dwarf tossing, so Judge Extreme Akim made the normal-sized litigants experience dwarf tossing first-hand by being, get this, tossed by really large people. I'm not sure what kind of lesson is being communicated. Also, the audience likes to chant "Extreme Akim" over and over and over. I already have a headache that I think will last all season for this show.

Judge Joe Brown
When did Judge Joe turn his program into a game show? His show's been on the air a long time, but now it's been jazzed up with...Joe's Jury. I guess with some cases (all cases?) Joe polls the courtroom audience to whether they think the plaintiff or defendant should win, and Judge Joe will go with his "jury" in awarding damages.

Texas Justice
This show has failed to catch my attention, despite years of attempting to enjoy it. I guess I don't understand Texas humor. Or Texas justice.

Judge Judy
Ten years on the air. Everyone knows I love Judge Judy. 'Nuff said.

Judge Mathis
Another show I've watched on and off for years that has failed to catch on with me.

Divorce Court

Judge Hatchett
I used to really like Judge Hatchett. She had a unique show and now it seems more like your basic court show, which is kind of boring.

The People's Court
I'm on the edge with this one. I kinda like Judge Marilyn Milian, but hate the format of the show, especially the post-verdict "interviews" with Curt Chaplin. I hate you, Curt. Oh, and the outdoor interviews with attorney Harvey Levin...more hate.

Stay tuned as I watch more television so you won't have to.


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