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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"You Just Don't Fit In"

Tonight marked the debut of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. And, I must say, a lackluster start to the series. Perhaps its the approach the show takes to the same basic template used on Trump's show. Martha Stewart is all sunshine and puppies compared to The Donald. As the show opens, we learn how she created her empire and became a billionaire. And she wants you! To work for her company. And bake the perfect muffin. Or she'll kill you.

At her side are Martha Jr. (daughter Alexis in the Carolyn role) and Charles Koppelman, Chairman of the Board of Martha's company (in the George role, natch).

On board are your standard mix of 16 annoying contestants, apparently coming from the corporate world and the creative world. Lawyers, PR types, blah blah blah.

Right off the bat, annoying contestant #1, Jim, who is all type-A and babbling about how he doesn't take orders, he gives them (something to that effect) and I'm thinking, Jim, if you're hired, guess what? You'll be taking orders. Get over yourself.

Eventually we are introduced to everyone and they are told to break off into two groups. Naturally, the creative types form one group and the corporate types form another. And they choose two stupid team names, "Matchstick" and "Primarius" and I can't even tell you which name went with which group. I don't know which name is worse.

The challenge for the day: each team will take a classic fairy-tale and re-do it to appeal to modern children. Team Matchstick went with Hansel and Gretel while team Primarius went with Jack and the Beanstalk.

Matchstick's project manager, Jeff, was all bossy boss-man as he barked orders and proceeded to pen a horrible re-thinking of Hansel and Gretel, rhymed a la Dr. Seuss. The other team took Jack and The Beanstalk and sent it underwater.

Both teams read their stories to a group of ADHD-addled children and the winner was...Jack and The Beanstalk, from the corporate team.

Bossy Boss Man Jeff took the annoying Jim and the annoying Dawn to the "conference room" but Jeff got the boot. And the irony here is, Jeff has won awards for being a story-teller, so I'm not sure how he managed to screw this one up.

Now, get ready for Martha's catch-phrase when she lets someone go:

"You just don't fit in."

Zoinks! I don't think that one will be catching on with the kids. And, instead of just sending the losing contestant packing, Martha actually writes a letter. "Dear Jeff, sorry you were a jerk and no one on your team liked you, love, Martha." That's an approximation, I think the real letter was nicer (but signed "cordially" instead of "love").

Fifteen remain. Who will be the next to not fit in? Tune in next week.


Blogger Matt Wisner said...

Nice job! You captured my feelings as well. I was hoping for them to get a little futher away from the Trump version.

I will still watch.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Smith said...

I loved the firing letter, or rather the not fitting in letter, nice touch by Martha.

5:26 PM  

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