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The class is over, but the discussion continues. Does the media shape reality, or does reality shape the media? Art can imitate life...and life can imitate art. "40 Hours of TV" will explore the media and its impact on us all.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Let The New Season Begin

Ah, September, the month when the world of television blossoms as the new season begin. Which shows will viewers be watching five years from now? I don't know, but I can make a prediction on a show that viewers will probably not be watching five weeks from now: Fox's horrible The War At Home.

It's sort of like Grounded for Life combined with Arrested Development AND Malcolm in The Middle. And I didn't laugh once. I don't think I even smiled. I'm smelling...flop! Worst of all (and careful viewers can correct me if I'm wrong) the show appears to be using a laugh track. Not "recorded in front of a studio audience" laugh track but the old-fashioned kind, canned laughter, the fake laughter you hear on The Flintstones or The Brady Bunch (and sounding like the same friggin' laugh tracks used by those two shows). I dunno, I might be wrong, but I can't imagine a real studio audience laughing so hard and so often at The War At Home, unless said audience was drugged/drunk/forced to laugh at gun point/fake.

Anyway, the show bored me to tears and I'm just too lazy to write anything in-depth about it, so I'll let the IMDB do my work for me.

At least next week we get The Apprentice and The Apprentice 2.0 with Martha Stewart.


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