40 Hours of Television

The class is over, but the discussion continues. Does the media shape reality, or does reality shape the media? Art can imitate life...and life can imitate art. "40 Hours of TV" will explore the media and its impact on us all.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some News and Other Stuff

I've signed on as a contributor to Blogcritics, a blog that covers just about every topic you can think of, from politics to the media and pop culture. I'll be writing about the media, mostly, but with a few political posts to liven things up. I'll still be writing for 40 Hours, and my other blog, so basically I'll have no free time for anything, including sleep.

In the world of advertising...has anyone seen the new ads for Quaker Oats? In them some children are dragging along in a wagon a plastic statue of the Quaker Oats guy, who looks suspiciously like another famous plastic pitch-man, the creepy Burger King. Apparently we have a new trend on our hands. God save us all.


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