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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Men Are Stupid

If you believe television advertising, or even television programs, you'd come away with the idea that men are really, really stupid. The hamburger chain Carl's Jr. has an ad campaign featuring stupid men who are really stumped with the complexities of making breakfast. On television (especially sitcoms), men are immature boobs who can barely handle a family.

NBC is playing up the male stereotype with a new reality show called Meet Mister Mom, where dads are left with their families for a week while mom is whisked away on a cruise. And, of course, men are so stupid they'd never puzzle out how to load a dishwasher or change a diaper.

Sure, some men are incompetent idiots, but then again, so are some women. Stupid people are everywhere. You've seen them. You probably work with some.

Will we ever see on television a positive portrayal of a father? There may be a few on TV now, but those are the exceptions.

We'll see if the reality genre adopts the stupid husband/father bit with other shows featuring "Mister Mom."


Blogger Matt Wisner said...

Send the everyday housewife into the corprate jungle and you have the same concept. People need to realize that different people were meant to serve different purposes. Oh well, I guess this show passes as entertainment.

8:00 AM  

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