40 Hours of Television

The class is over, but the discussion continues. Does the media shape reality, or does reality shape the media? Art can imitate life...and life can imitate art. "40 Hours of TV" will explore the media and its impact on us all.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Blog Fear Factor

Jim and Tanya Ryno are a married couple attempting to get selected as contestants for the show Fear Factor. They've created a blog to drive attention to their goal. I can't imagine actually wanting to be on the show, but Jim and Tanya are very determined. Check out their web site, Fear Factor's Million Dollar Couple, to learn more about them and perhaps send out an e-mail to Fear Factor to let the producers know you'd like to see the Rynos on Fear Factor. FYI, Tanya is a movie producer whose works include Coney Island Baby and is a producer of the incredibly funny Robert Smigel cartoons that appear on Saturday Night Live (including my favorite, The Amigiously Gay Duo).


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