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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Big Brother 6: 9 Lives for James

If you tuned into Tuesday nights episode of Big Brother 6 then you witnessed one of the biggest back-stabbings in the history of the show. It was enough to make a reality nut like me giddy. Everything you could ask for in a good drama was all wrapped up in one pretty little episode.
The many lies of Jenny confound the Sovereign Alliance as the sanctimonious Friendship Alliance show their true grit, deceiving, debasing and welching on their word to nominate James for eviction. Instead, they place Kaysar on the block after Rachel wins the Power of Veto in a coaster-toss competition and saves herself.
So Kaysar cuts a deal with Jennifer to put her in the HOH room, and she puts his tail up on the block. You could tell by watching that James knew for sure that he was going up. When Jennifer announced that she was nominating Kaysar instead, the look on James face was priceless. James has won the veto 3 or 4 times and now that he was all set up to be given the pass through the back door, he convinces everyone that Kaysar is more of a threat.
Do you think James will vote to evict Kasar or Janelle? Who goes? Who would you like to see win HOH for the next round?

I am pulling for James to win HOH. The squirming and positioning would be hilarious

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