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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hell's Kitchen and Societal Conventions

First off, if you missed the most recent Hell's Kitchen, I'm going to include spoilers in this post, so if you don't know the outcome of the show broadcast on July 25, you might want to avert your eyes.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I really enjoy Fox's Hell's Kitchen. You can follow the link to Fox for more info about the show as I don't want to explain the concept in this post.

On Monday's show, the three remaining chefs had to come up with a dish each using either chicken, tuna, or beef. They then had to serve a full restaurant.

Unknown to the contestants, their families were dining, and they would be voting on which entree they enjoyed the most. The contestant with the least amount of votes would be eliminated from the show.

And, at the end, Michael, Ralph and Jessica were reunited with their families. We see Michael and his wife and in-laws, Ralph and his fiance and family members, and Jessica and her girlfriend and family (Jessica gets eliminated from the show and leaves with her family).

Now, I don't know if the show ever mentioned that Jessica was a lesbian (or bi-sexual), and I personally think it would have been very cool if the show did not bring up that fact. That way, you get to meet the contestants and not have in the back of your mind that one of them is gay.

Now, here's the thing I wanted to talk about. When Jessica is reunited with her girlfriend, they kiss. It's not very often that we see homosexual men or women with their loved ones on television, exchanging an affectionate kiss, as anyone else would.

If you're a viewer of the show and thought it went over the line with Jessica's kiss, I'd be curious to hear why. And I'd hope the conversation would not be reduced to gay-bashing, or bashing the opinions of folks commenting. I know this is a sensitive subject on both sides.


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